Metroid Prime defeated! BoF2 up next~

So, we’ve defeated Metroid Prime soundly BY THE SKIN OF MY DICK and that means the winner of the previous poll is up next for Kuoushi.

That game is Breath of Fire 2.

For those of you who weren’t here for much of Breath of Fire 2, let me recap the story for you real quick.

Our main hero Cunt talks to a dragon and his little town forgets who he is, so he departs on an adventure with a dog who is a thief that gets framed, forcing Cunt to chase down the person who did the framing. After many adventures and new friends, he succeeds. Then he continues on this adventure taking out these monsters that seem to be some overarching plot bad guys. Now Cunt is in a rebel camp for doing some rebel things against some other bad people who are probably under the control of a bad monster.

There, now you know where we are. If not, you know as much as I do.

Metroid Prime and Quick Note

So, Metroid Prime the boss is proving to be quite the dick. I will defeat that fucker sooner rather than later I hope, but I still haven’t yet. The poll for what I’m playing next, however, has closed! That means we know what I’m doing after I do, in fact, beat Metroid Prime. What’s that? Continuing Breath of Fire 2.

Slim margin, but it won the vote.

In other news, I started trolling around Google Affiliate for a cool new affiliate of sorts, and I ran across GameTap and JJGames.

GameTap is kind of like an internet NetFlix where you pay a monthly amount and have access to all of their games or buy games from them. It’s nice if that’s your sort of thing. Gaming ADD and all that, I know some of you have it.

Then there’s JJGames. They ship to pretty much anywhere in the world. What do they ship? Video games. Systems. Controllers. Peripherals. All of this for almost every console, from NES to WII, Gameboy to DS, PS1 to PS3, even Sega things. Prices range from pretty amazing to outrageous on some of the more rare titles, but that’s because they’re rare. In any case, I can highly recommend them.


Let’s vote on Kuoushi’s next game!

So Metroid Prime is winding down, just a couple of bosses left. That means we get to vote on the next game for Kuoushi to play! Hooray! Cheers! Etc.

I’d prefer if you guys voted to continue a game that I haven’t finished yet rather than starting a new one, but I’m giving the option to start new games as well.


Stream Cards are here!

Here! In this site! Right now! One of those things I’ve said I would do for a while now. Now you can see the stream cards and shit all in the site, just click the “Cards” link at the far right of the menu and it’ll take you there. Functionality is really basic and some of it is just a placeholder, but I’ll fix all that soon enough.

And by soon enough, we know that means never.

Anyway, what do you think?

Redid the polls

Now they’re all in the main site like they’re supposed to be. No more poll popups or anything like that. How do they look? Post comments in here, vote on the poll in this thread, etc, etc.

Users can’t make polls just yet, but that’s next on my list of things to do.

I think they’re neat.

This just in, you can now post your own polls in the forums. Maximum 10 options for now.

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Channel Two

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed now that the links below the stream are now listed as channels. Channels One and Two to be exact. One is our normal channel where all the scheduled streams will go. Nothing really new to announce about that.

This all means that there’s a second channel. Channel Two. What the fuck do we need another channel for? Well, I’ll tell you. Channel Two is where streamers will go to test shit out. That way they can do so without shitting up the main stream. The other, main reason for Channel Two, is so that we can invite just about anyone to stream there. New streamers will all be allowed to stream on Channel Two whenever they want. That way they don’t have to do so on their own channels, splitting the chat up and things. Also it makes it easier for new streamers to get a feel for how everything works. Most probably all will graduate to a timeslot on Channel One from there after a bit of time.

Switching between channels is easy, just click the “One” or “Two” links under the stream embed.

Let me know what you think of the idea, and if you ever want to stream there, or try to stream there. Dicks, the usual, you know.