The Bargain Bin Streams Continue

If you haven’t been keeping up with modern era kuoushi streams, you won’t have noticed that I have been streaming a bunch of games with around 100 reviews or less on Steam. There are so many games released every year that some are absolutely going to fall through the cracks and get completely ignored by the world at large. Some are bound to be hidden gems, but most are just going to be unpolished in some are all aspects of things involved in gamedev. That’s just the way it goes. Luckily, they’re not expensive and can generally be streamed by me. Good for me, at least.

Most recently, we played through Pyramis and Digitizer. Both are largely made by solo devs, so that just means we’re going to get some goofy fun, right? Well, anyway. Pyramis was kind of fun except that every time it had a chance to do something cool, it decided against it. You can find out more about my thoughts from my Steam review over here, but at suffice to say, at least the streams were fun? Well, I think they were, anyway.

Digitizer, on the other hand, was legitimately a fun thing for me to play. It did devolve into a lot of just driving around and being stupid, but that’s where I shine. Right? It’s an open-world game made by someone whose first language isn’t English, fully voice acted. It’s hard to describe it, but I get a robot wife at one point. If you want to know my real thoughts about it just go to the Steam Review, but the end note here is that I’m now the only person in the world aside from one other person (maybe the dev) who has played through a lot of the game’s content. And now, you can experience it as well, without having to play! Good for you. Oh, and if you liked Digitizer, the same dev is making a new game that only got announced last month called Noga. Go wishlist it on Steam.

I did also go back and finish my lingering Gunman Chronicles streams from 2016, like I said I would eventually. So that game is closed out now, too. I always liked that game back when it actually came out, so it’s nice to finally re-unite with my robot wife in that game as well. Wait, another robot wife? Shit. I might be outing myself here.

Complete Archives

Gunman Chronicles

Check out the complete archives if you just want to turn them on and brain off while the dulcet tones of kuoushi’s stream of consciousness bring you safely to the ends of these games.

Site News

Unrelated to the above, or vaguely related since it’s all about my site or whatever, but I have been also working on the site itself and some background bot things over the past few days that I’m pleased is now all working. You might notice that the front page of no longer has a Twitch embed, and it’s now something called PeerTube with a special chat box. That’s right, chat is back, and it works just as you’d expect. You can choose any name you want on it and be anonymous, or you can even make an account on, then tie your account to the chat channel so you don’t have to worry about always typing in your name and things. It’s all pretty neat and works kind of (?) seamlessly. This chat is also relayed back to Discord and Twitch, so kuoushi won’t be missing any of your messages on stream.

Speaking of the chat relay, I’ve basically ripped that out of my bot and put it into a much more stable piece of software called Matterbridge. It may not be very interesting to most people, but it does seem to just work. So if ever my bot goes down, the relay will almost always be up with very little chance of it crashing anymore. That’s nice for me, at least. I think it’s neat.

Some future stuff that I plan on getting going at some point is allowing for the stream embed to swap between PeerTube and Twitch, and also allow for friend streams to be embedded there as well like Highwang, Gerk, or Teepers. They won’t have a PeerTube channel most likely, but the site will still hopefully be able to announce that they’re streaming in the future. Oh, and me as well. I want things to load automatically like they used to back in the day, so I have some work cut out for me there. Eventually, just like everything else.

Site’s in a nice place, though. I’m happy with where it’s at again. PeerTube transfer has stalled out a bit, but it’ll pick back up again eventually.

And I think that’s the main bit of news I have for now.

What game are we playing next?

I don’t have polls on the site anymore, but I’m likely going to choose from one of the following games. The others may or may not follow.

Comedy Option

Bargain Bin Options
Curse: The Eye of Isis

Throw stuff at me in the comments if you care one way or the other, but I’ll figure out how well they stream then pick one for maybe next weekend.

That’s it! Thanks for sticking around and see you all next time.

We completing games around here

How many variations of that particular phrase am I going to use for a title? I don’t know, maybe one. Maybe more. I’m not going back to check. Too busy totally streaming all the time, more than once a month. Wait, shit.

Anyway, on topic, we did beat False Skies last month. It’s not a 100% clear or anything, but I did do quite a lot of the available content in the game. There’s still new game+ and maybe 20 more hours of game to play if I want to, but I’ll leave that for my own private playing time that I totally do. Why? Because I streamed it for almost 44 hours. It’s a good game, that’s about all I’ll say here. You can read my review on Steam (mark it as helpful!) or listen to the end of the last stream to get my thoughts a bit more directly. Make sure you check out the complete archive for the game if you haven’t started watching it yet. It’s good.

And wait, what’s this? Baw gawd it’s Deadpool with a metal chair because apparently I went back to it and finished it off! Enough wrestling talk. No one does that anymore. But yeah, the last time I streamed this game was back in 2016, the world was different back then. I still streamed vaguely regularly. That was the main difference. But then life happened, and all of a sudden I ended up with a Steam Deck this year so I installed Deadpool on that and slowly worked my way back to recreating my save file as exactly as possible over a couple of weeks since I don’t have a lot of time, and then I streamed it and beat it in an hour and a half and here we are. It’s a game that exists, that much is true. Fun enough for what it is with a decent amount of Deadpool antics. Too bad you can’t buy it anymore. Here’s my complete archive if you wanted to start from the beginning, and then here’s just the last episode if you totally remember all of the streams from 2016 and just want to end the story.

The PeerTube archive transfer is also coming along. I made it back almost all the way through 2012, but it’s going to be slow going because those early years are the most full of streams. Like Suikoden II which I just finished making available through PeerTube, with its near 46 hours of gameplay (even though it’s missing a stream). It actually beats out False Skies for overall duration which is pretty impressive (for both of those games). But I’ll keep plugging along here and soon the archive will be complete again. Then maybe I’ll add call-ins. Maybe.

So there’s your update for the month. I’m still here. Things are always happening, just not always super visible.

Thanks for sticking around!