Metroid Prime and Quick Note

So, Metroid Prime the boss is proving to be quite the dick. I will defeat that fucker sooner rather than later I hope, but I still haven’t yet. The poll for what I’m playing next, however, has closed! That means we know what I’m doing after I do, in fact, beat Metroid Prime. What’s that? Continuing Breath of Fire 2.

Slim margin, but it won the vote.

In other news, I started trolling around Google Affiliate for a cool new affiliate of sorts, and I ran across GameTap and JJGames.

GameTap is kind of like an internet NetFlix where you pay a monthly amount and have access to all of their games or buy games from them. It’s nice if that’s your sort of thing. Gaming ADD and all that, I know some of you have it.

Then there’s JJGames. They ship to pretty much anywhere in the world. What do they ship? Video games. Systems. Controllers. Peripherals. All of this for almost every console, from NES to WII, Gameboy to DS, PS1 to PS3, even Sega things. Prices range from pretty amazing to outrageous on some of the more rare titles, but that’s because they’re rare. In any case, I can highly recommend them.