Metroid Prime defeated! BoF2 up next~

So, we’ve defeated Metroid Prime soundly BY THE SKIN OF MY DICK and that means the winner of the previous poll is up next for Kuoushi.

That game is Breath of Fire 2.

For those of you who weren’t here for much of Breath of Fire 2, let me recap the story for you real quick.

Our main hero Cunt talks to a dragon and his little town forgets who he is, so he departs on an adventure with a dog who is a thief that gets framed, forcing Cunt to chase down the person who did the framing. After many adventures and new friends, he succeeds. Then he continues on this adventure taking out these monsters that seem to be some overarching plot bad guys. Now Cunt is in a rebel camp for doing some rebel things against some other bad people who are probably under the control of a bad monster.

There, now you know where we are. If not, you know as much as I do.