Alice’s Madness has finally Returned, and other good post titles

Well, not really any other good titles, I just suck at them.

Anyway, we’ve wrapped up our Alice: Madness Returns streams, and boy is it a video game! You walk forward, sometimes jump, sometimes stab, and sometimes pull levers/push buttons. Also, the game tells you exactly what to do at every given point, except on the last boss battle kind of. So that’s basically the only time you ever really “play a game”. The only thing here is a surface-level visual-cool, which is admittedly cool but that’s it. If you’re into that and listening to kuoushi complain about it, have a small scroll below to see all of the streams.

Alice: Madness Returns Stream Archives

There have also been a lot of archive updates happening in the background. Haven’t been specifically posting about them, but keep your eyes on there and you’ll start seeing things pop in. We’re actually getting closer to finishing up all of the main stream archives and will be moving on to full drunk and Saturday streams soon enough, so that should be pretty exciting for people. I think drunk streams were the ones people had the most fun during.

We’ll see what game we work on next though. Who knows what it’ll be.