TwitchTV archive back again!

So, one thing that wasn’t included with the new stream section was a way to view the archive from TwitchTV. You know, the archive that only lasts for about 7 days but is available immediately and automatically after everyone finishes streaming? Good for catching up, watching reruns, all that.

Well anyway, if you click the Twitch link next to the streamer you’d like to check out, it’ll take you to a page that shows you their TwitchTV archived streams, as well as all the other unclaimed archive videos below it. Neat, huh?

STREAMERS: In order to claim these archive videos, copy/paste the claim id# if there are two, just copy/paste both of them as they are with the space in between, then go to your list of streams to find and click the corresponding stream/event, edit the embed type to be “TwitchTV” and paste the ID number into the box next to it. That links the two together so people can find your streams much more easily from the TwitchTV archive. I know it’s kind of a pain right now, but eventually I’ll code in the ability to click some things to claim it and all that.

Not that anyone cares, I’ll just keep updating things all by my lonesome!

Edit: Well, I actually went through and made the claim button so it’s easier for streamers to claim their streams. Just click Claim, the system will look for a stream that starts at about the same time, and if it finds one you just click claim, and done. If it doesn’t you’ll have to do it manually, unfortunately. Still, easier if you’re doing things right around here.

Finally redid the video archive section!

I have finally patched up the new stream archive section that I was working on enough for it to replace the older version. This new one is based on events from the schedule, so anytime a streamer adds an event to the schedule, it’ll show up in their archive list after they do that stream.

Streamers can’t modify their older streams yet, so they won’t be able to say what games they played or link a Viddler/Youtube video to them. That’s just temporary, however, as it is on my to-do list for this section.

There are also some bugs in the system that I can’t figure out just yet, like some of the games in the dropdown filter list won’t show you their corresponding streams properly, but I’m working on that.

Anyway, should be a neat little section once everything is up and going. Let me know what you think.

Edit: Streamers can now modify their old streams from the stream list by clicking on the title box.