Poll for Seawee up!

Seawee wants to know if people want a break from Persona 4 or not. So, we’ve made a poll. Your choices are that he should continue to play Persona 4, or should he take a short break from Persona 4 to play Deus Ex. Go ahead and enter your vote at the top of the page!

Edit: Here’s a link for those of you who can’t hit F5 on the page: http://www.kuoushi.com/popup.php?poll=30

Edit: Looks like Deus Ex won the poll. Seawee will start playing Deus Ex for now, and then continue Persona 4 later!

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Kuoushi continues to fuck up the site layout!

I removed the old stream history calendar from the menu. Why is that? Well, it’s on the sidebar to the right now! You’ll find it directly under the Twitter updates. The sidebar is getting a bit crowded so I probably won’t add anything else to it.

Speaking of that, any preferences on the ordering of the sidebar? I’ve had a request to allow users to set the order on a per-account basis, which I might do way later. For now though, I’ll just ask and see what everyone wants.

Personally, Twitter has news about the site and the stream so I think that should be near the top. As well as the links so they’re easier for people to find. I know everyone wants to know where they can find Kuoushi.com T-shirts and thongs as fast as they can.

Post replies in here, let me know.


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Basic user page functionality in

So, you’ll maybe notice that you can now click on the user names you see around the site. I coded some basic user pages in that are not entirely useful yet, but will hopefully become more so as time goes on. Right now they just say if you’re a user or a streamer, show off your last 5 posts and your last 10 streams if you’re a streamer.

That is, of course, only if you’re actually putting your streams into the DB, you silly streamers! Actually, you couldn’t up until now and I just fixed the problem.

Anyway, KuouBook.com is coming along!

No stream tonight!

Due to various internet issues and bandwidth limits and all that Canadian internet thing, I won’t be able to stream Metroid Prime tonight. Not sure about the drunk stream tomorrow night yet, but I will keep you posted.

Things to do during the Kuoushi timeslot instead of jacking off or whatever else it is you had planned:

1 Someone else might be streaming here at kuoushi.com.
2 Highwang might be streaming at his channel, http://www.justin.tv/highwang
3 Jack off.

Or whatever else you feel like doing.”

Bighead to make return to streaming?

Maybe. The unfortunate part is that he is embracing his Australian heritage. What does that mean? Well, it means that he will be occupying the 9am-11am EST timeslot. So uh, most of us will be asleep, assuming you’re in the North American timezones. Check the schedule later, he should be updating it unlike certain other streamers.

*cough* Mumblebee *cough*

In other news, Terraria is a relatively new game, but the Kuoushi steam group has put about 480 hours into as of this post. Congratulations, we all have no life. That’s cool, only good things can come from this.

Streamers should be able to add streams to the DB

If you’re a streamer, you can now add streams and shit to the database through the Videos section. Simply go to Videos->Your Name->Normalor whatever-> and you should see a new link that says Add Game. This link will allow you to add a new game to your list of games. If you want to add a stream to a game that’s already in your list, click the game in the list, then you will see another new link called “Add Stream”. Simply click that, and enter the date and if you have one Viddler ID to the video.

Important notice, if your date is NOT formatted YYYY-MM-DD exactly, it won’t be accepted. So remember those leading zeroes, like 2011-05-05 would work, but 2011-5-5 wouldn’t.

For now you can’t edit an existing entry, but I will most likely add that functionality later. Post here if you have any questions about this.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but…

I broke the forums last night while I was drunk-coding the site. That’s right, drunk-coding. After I ended the drunk stream I sat around for a bit, then decided to work on the site. Doing some things in the Videos section for streamers like I’ve been talking about. Letting them add streams to the DB and all that.

Well, apparently when I figured I was done with whatever it was I was working on and went to sleep, it also broke the submit button for the forums and other shit. They’re fixed now. You can post in them again.

On a fun note, I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong in that code, because I re-typed the exact same code line for line and it works now. Drunk miracles.

A poll for Mumblebee

Seeing as how he beat Amnesia last night, Mumblebee is now in need of a new game to play. So, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to make a poll, see? We’re going to put it at the top of the page so it’s one of the first things you’ll see, see? You’re then going to click on this poll, pick the game you want him to play, and then vote.


Also, I’m working on a revamped videos section that will be layed out similar to how the forums are now. Should be much easier to browse and all that. Later on streamers will be able to update it themselves. Who knows where these updates will take us!

Actually, they’ll take us to the same place we’ve been. So uh, yeah. Go vote on the poll.

Updated forum layout

It should now be about a million times easier to browse and post in threads here. I did math to figure that out. Lots of complex equations. About a million times easier.

So uh, when you click a forum it will load the list of threads next to that. When you click a post it will load the threads next to that. Let us all hope this works and makes people want to post more. Otherwise all of my tireless hours of labor will be for naught!

Yeah, that’s right. Tireless hours of labor. Like giving birth to a baby.

Also, the front page now has a “latest posts”” section that will show the 5 newest posts in the forums. It’s below the twitter feed, a bit out of the way, but uh, who gives a shit. Right guys? Right?”