Channel Two

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed now that the links below the stream are now listed as channels. Channels One and Two to be exact. One is our normal channel where all the scheduled streams will go. Nothing really new to announce about that.

This all means that there’s a second channel. Channel Two. What the fuck do we need another channel for? Well, I’ll tell you. Channel Two is where streamers will go to test shit out. That way they can do so without shitting up the main stream. The other, main reason for Channel Two, is so that we can invite just about anyone to stream there. New streamers will all be allowed to stream on Channel Two whenever they want. That way they don’t have to do so on their own channels, splitting the chat up and things. Also it makes it easier for new streamers to get a feel for how everything works. Most probably all will graduate to a timeslot on Channel One from there after a bit of time.

Switching between channels is easy, just click the “One” or “Two” links under the stream embed.

Let me know what you think of the idea, and if you ever want to stream there, or try to stream there. Dicks, the usual, you know.