Homefront returns, and another huge archive update

If the latest streams section on this website hasn’t clued you in yet, or the cool new stream calendar that I’ve put in hasn’t caught your attention yet, you may not have realized that we’ve started up our next set of streams to follow Alice: Madness Returns — Homefront: The Revolution. I have a rocky relationship with the Homefront series, stemming from the first game blocking all of my in-game progress with a waist-high barrier that I couldn’t get across during a drunk stream a long ways back, and then subsequently just simply jumping over said barrier a few years later and beating the game. So, playing the sequel to that will surely go well and I won’t have to worry about it being a buggy mess, right? Right.

Catch up on those Homefront: The Revolution streams in the archive, and maybe even join us live one of these days, or nights, or any of the other irregular times that I stream.

Now, with that out of the way, the real announcement for this post is that I have finally completed a significant amount of streams in the archive, and they’re all available now. Basically, every single longform stream that we’ve done over the years, from 2009 all the way to today, is now available in VOD form. This doesn’t yet include any of our drunk, Saturday, or otherwise special streams like the 24 hour ones, but it is a really cool significant milestone as it does cover the majority of our playthroughs over the years.

Here’s a few of the more recently added streams to the archive: Thief, Suikoden II, Breath of Fire 2, Chrono Trigger (even though the audio desyncs), Clock Tower 3, Deadpool, and a bunch of other odds and ends and games.

Honestly, it’s a lot of streams, and shit I’ve been doing this for a while. It’s been neat for me to at least vaguely revisit all of these streams and see what a dick I’ve always been. Hopefully they’re still enjoyable as entertainment to anyone who happens to go through them, and not just for my own personal entertainment from a historical (meaning, historical for me but not so much for the world) standpoint.

Thanks for all the times, ladies and gents. I’ll keep streaming, but it’s certainly been a long time from the beginning to now. Oh, and Happy New Year, I guess?