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Streams from the coolest of the cool, kuoushi.

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Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, the most involved, wonderful basketball RPG you will ever play. Seriously. If you have to watch it through these streams, okay. But like, go play it also.
4 videos
Chrono Trigger
One of the first games kuoushi streamed, Chrono Trigger is a historical look back at kuoushi from 2009.

(At present, these videos have terrible audio desync so they won't be uploaded until this has been fixed.)
0 video
Clock Tower
A sadly mostly lost set of streams, but Clock Tower is some top quality gaming.
1 video
Dark Souls
The first of the Dark Souls games, not counting Demons Souls. Because I guess we shouldn't count it or something. It's a game, and it is known to be difficult. This means kuoushi will fail miserably.
22 videos
Dink Smallwood
A short, freeware game in which many ducks are punched until they explode.
3 videos
Dino Crisis
Totally not Jurassic Park or anything. Totally.
11 videos
Dragon Quest IV
The mighty last NES Dragon Quest game, the best they could put on the NES. Unfortunately for us, it's not that exciting.
3 videos
Earthbound, where kuoushi makes regrettable and questionable decisions in naming characters. I'm sorry.
12 videos
Highwang and Kuoushi delve into the depths of F.3.A.R. which doesn't really need the periods since it's not an acronym anymore kind of?
5 videos
Final Fantasy IV
We're whalers of the moon, we carry a harpoon.
9 videos
Final Fantasy VI
Once upon a time when kuoushi started actually streaming, he streamed FF6 over the course of 3 days before deciding on a two hour limit and moving on to Chrono Trigger. Then, he came back and did FF6 again but "for real". This is that second time.
13 videos
Full Throttle
Though a short set of streams at a mere 2, Full Throttle holds a special place in the heart of kuoushi as it is a bit of nostalgia. Games I played when I was but a young lad.
2 videos
Indigo Prophecy
Surely, this adventure game that's like a murder mystery can't go off the rails and have us fighting the internet or something? Surely? kuoushi enjoys some Indigo Prophecy.
4 videos
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Kuoushi's second set of longform streams, these further solidified kuoushi as a belligerent dick who complains about stuff.
8 videos
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
kuoushi playing a Zelda series game is always a bad time, especially when playing an N64 game that should have analog output, but instead only having a digital input device. Quality.
14 videos
A short RPG Maker game with a nice aesthetic and some decent music. Neat, to be sure.
1 video
Lufia II
This game is damn long, and we totally played through the whole things. Good for me, kuoushi, the guy playing it. Yep.
14 videos
Mirror's Edge
Time to fall off edges for hours on end. Seriously.
3 videos
Mortal Kombat Deception
It's time to dive into the world of Mortal Kombat with a strange single player story mode starring the worst main character, named main character.
12 videos
Parasite Eve
kuoushi is a very forward-thinking, pro-feminism man. His continued name choices for strong, independent women characters does not reflect his actual... Okay, maybe I'm a bit of a dick sometimes.
6 videos
Resident Evil
The first of kuoushi's foray into survival horror games on the PSX, also the start of a franchise. It's okay.
5 videos
Resident Evil 5
This wonderful set of streams comes complete with co-op gameplay by Highwang.
12 videos
Rising Zan
This samurai gunman can't be stopped, because he's a samurai and he's got a gun. No, not Musashi Gundoh.
5 videos
In which kuoushi learns that Pokemon should never have been the cool franchise from these guys, and robots are always better. Robotrek time.
9 videos
Secret of Evermore
The acclaimed sequel to Secret of Mana, as streamed by kuoushi. It's basically the same game. Pretty much.
8 videos
Secret of Mana
The third series in a long line of quality kuoushi content.
10 videos
Shining Force II
That time kuoushi played a game he actually liked and wasn't suffering but no one liked seeing kuoushi happy. I still like this game.
13 videos
Streams in this category will generally be one-offs that weren't played on a Saturday or otherwise special stream like a birthday. An eclectic mix of games that kuoushi did no service to in his streaming endeavors.
4 videos
Silent Hill
A game kuoushi states that he likes? Sounds preposterous, but watch here to find out more.
5 videos
Soul Blazer
This game has something to do with Terranigma maybe? I really don't know. But it is a game, and kuoushi played it.
5 videos
One of the better games on the NES, it's Startropics! Surely, kuoushi won't quit before finishing this game.
3 videos
Super Mario RPG
The wonderful Super Mario RPG, as played by a moron.
7 videos
Another longform RPG stream from the early days of kuoushi's run, started on Moody's birthday.
21 videos
This game doesn't deserve to be in the Thief series, but I guess it is so here's a stream of it? The streams are also wonderful kuoushi quality. Look out for the fully silent stream towards the end because no one mentioned the mic was muted.
14 videos
Thief - Deadly Shadows
The third game in the wonderful Thief saga, Thi3f sets itself apart by being a broken console mess. Surely, mods can only improve it. Surely?
11 videos