Stream archives in process

I’ve started to create an archive containing all of my old streams from back to the absolute early days, on up into the modern kuoushi streams. This will likely be a very large undertaking and won’t be finished anytime remotely soon, but I feel like the end result will be worth it to me at least. These streams cover a lot of my personal history and a bunch of different time periods in the life of kuoushi, plus a dickton of games and memories.

We’ve also been slowly continuing our Thi3f streams. Making progress, stealing stuff, and not being as awful as we could be at the games. I do think I’ve fucked myself over in the hub world though. Tune in this weekend to enjoy that idiocy.

Steady as she goes

The site has slowly started to take shape again. I have our totally cool forums going which are absolutely a thing that will be super busy and not just kind of there for my own amusement. We’ve got proper stream embeds on the front page, which honestly is pretty okay. I’d like to make the embeds stay there even when people are offline, but that’s $50 I’m not super into spending right now. We’ve got a cute little not super effective widget showing the status of our Sven Co-op server at any given moment, assuming it hasn’t crashed. User registrations are opened back up, too.

Oh, and I suppose there have been a few more kuoushi streams lately. That’s pretty cool too. Just kicking around some games that are fun, and with a whole new layout and vaguely interactive elements for viewers. More to come on that latter front, but it’s coming together.

All in all, things are looking up for the kuoushi world. Not too sizable at the moment, but hey, we’re just getting back into the swing of things.