User settings? In MY

It’s more likely than you think. Pretty barebones for now, but it does include one key feature that I’m sure people have wanted for a while.


You can now have the schedule display in your local time so you don’t have to square the hypotenuse and round to the nearest limit as x approaches zero everytime you want to figure out what time EST is in your own time.

I still say you’re all babies and should learn simple integer math, but now you don’t have to do it. Click Edit Settings and fill things out.

Edit: Apparently people are having trouble in Firefox with the little site popups. It works fine in IE, Chrome, and Opera. WHO’S THE TOUGH BROWSER NOW, VINNY? I’ll see what I can do.

Edit Edit: Firefox works again. Something I was trying with the schedule wasn’t cooperating with it, apparently. Too bad every other browser was fine.

Channel two buff is here!

Yes, I used buff to describe something I’ve made better on the site as if this is some weird MMO with patchnotes.

So here’s what I did, I made it so if there is no active stream on channel one, the page will load channel two instead if someone is streaming there. This doesn’t happen automatically just yet, so it’ll require a page refresh or you’d just have to click channel Two if you were already on the site.

Working on the automatic thing, but this is a good start. That way if you’re streaming on channel two, you can just link to and it’ll load channel two instead.

More updates in the pipe for today.

Fuck FF12, says Highwang

I have just heard from Highwang that he is done playing Final Fantasy XII. It is full of Fantasy, and that is Final. Twelve times. Fuck it.

He will continue to play Lost Vikings, however, as he is having much more fun with that game. Also he is going to play the sequel to Lost Vikings next as well.

Here is the official statement from Highwang:

“Fuck FF12, it does blow quite hard. Playing Lost Vikings and its sequel instead.”


Since Super Star Wars is already over and the poll was such a close vote, Kuoushi will go ahead and play some more Super Island Adventure 2 starting next stream. For those of you who voted against it, TOO BAD IT’S GETTING PLAYED ANYWAY.

We’ll put up yet another poll at some point to see what we’ll be getting up to after this game.