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Homefront: The Revolution #15
Posted on January 14, 2023
Homefront: The Revolution #14
Posted on January 7, 2023
Homefront: The Revolution #13
Posted on January 1, 2023

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2014 Saturday streams all in the archive now.

We're making some good progress, only around 90 more Saturday streams to drop into the archive before they're all available. Pretty cool.

And we’re done with 2013 Saturday stream archives.

Not bad at all. A lot of the remaining streams tend to be 4+ hours long so it'll take me the better part of this year to get them all up at this rate. We'll make it.

Just made it into 2013 for the Saturday archives.

Not bad at all. We're moving right along with these archives. Just hit the point where I got a new laptop and could stream in vaguely HD, so hopefully they'll start looking slightly better, at the least.

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Another year, another still alive post

It's been a relatively quiet year around these parts once again. That isn't to say we haven't been doing anything, though. The site here has come a long way towards getting everything back to par with where it was long ago. Drunk and Saturday streams are making their way back into the archive at a good rate, with some that were never available before seeing the light of day again. For better or worse. We also wrapped up all the long form archives earlier this year so we have over a decade of content available in the archive. That's honestly pretty neat to think about.

We've also integrated Mastodon (and any other ActivityPub federated networks like Friendica, etc.) into the site entirely, which is a pretty neat because we can basically ignore Twitter and provide updates directly from the site. I'll be getting stream start notifications going through here at some point so if you do want that, then follow @kuoushi for those, plus notifications for whenever a blog entry is posted, or a new video archive is added, or even when I just feel like shooting off a quick note about something. It's a nice little feed of everything happening on the site, basically.

And last, but of course least, we did a few streams this year. Not too many, but also not the lowest year we've ever seen. Made it through some Homefront: The Revolution, fished a bit in Guild Wars 2 and raced a few skiffs, just some regular old kuoushi shit. Plus we started up a new stream frame with chat popups that I'm decently happy with. Gone is the handcam and massive frame, and back is the full screen video game like it should be. Handcam is still funny to me, though, so I might bring it back sometime.

But, that's about it for the year. Stuff's still happening here. I'm still planning to continue streaming as much as I'm able. Not planning on having anymore babies, so I might eventually get back into a regular schedule again. You never know.

Thanks for the years, here's hoping for more.