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F.E.A.R. #03
Posted on June 3, 2023
F.E.A.R. #02
Posted on May 28, 2023
F.E.A.R. #01
Posted on May 27, 2023

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Downtimes all done.

Site shouldn't be going down anytime soon again, I say just before a downtime. What I mean to say is that any downtimes after this will likely be unplanned. That's what I'm supposed to say, yeah.

2016 Saturday streams are done and in the archive.

We're now into the final year of Saturday streams that hadn't made it into the archive yet. Not too many in 2017, but they'll all be in soon enough. I'm surprised how well a lot of these have held up, honestly. Sure, they aren't always tasteful by today's standards, or even back when they were streamed, but still.

Not done with Saturday streams yet, but…

I've prepped the 24 hour streams to go in pretty soon after that because why not. They won't take nearly as thorough vetting to get them in, so should be able to write a bit up about them, throw in some game timestamps, and get them in pretty quickly after I'm done with the remaining Saturday streams.

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Highlights and site status? New stuff is weird

Been doing a bit more work around the site and streams now that I have a bit more time to work on these things. We'll be a real website with real streams and features soon enough. Because, you know, we aren't yet for some reason?

So anyway, first up, I've set up a new status page to help visualize when the site is down. Check it out over at, and you'll see all of my cool recent downtimes. One of the unfortunate parts about self-hosting is that downtimes are a thing that'll happen fairly frequently. Doing my best to minimize them, but if my router glitches while I'm asleep or out of the house, the site will just have to be down until I get home. It's cheaper and easier for me to host everything here though, considering how much I've got going on. So, just bookmark or check the status page if you can't load the site. Maybe I'll add a thing to the status checker to see if my bot's online too.

Next new thing I added is highlights. You know, like a normal streamer who actually highlights their own streams with clips and cool things that happened during the stream. This is a recent development so it's not like these are covering the entire span of over a decade of streams or anything, but maybe I'll work on that some day. But anyway, check out all the cool highlights from stuff like Trespasser and the final days of Homefront: The Revolution here, assuming you didn't watch the streams themselves like some kind of bad viewer who spends their time doing things more important than hanging out with your old pal kuoushi.

That's it for now. Thanks as always.