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The PeerTube transfer’s still going well.

It's going to take a long while yet, but I've been getting a bunch more files transferred over and on there. At the moment, it's everything from July 2019 to present. Plus, been slightly working on a new embed that'll let me offer the PeerTube side stream on the site here as well. Always nice.

Throat’s fucked, no stream tonight.

If you couldn't tell from last night's Turok stream, my throat is all kinds of fucked and it has only gotten worse. Partially because I did the ill-advised thing of streaming last night. Prey will have to start up next week.

PeerTube archive is moving along nicely.

Just finished getting Homefront: The Revolution all available there. Just going to kind of go backwards through streams and get them all added. Won't affect the archive availability or anything since everything else is still on YouTube, but I'm trying my best to not use YouTube for archives anymore.

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We completing games around here

How many variations of that particular phrase am I going to use for a title? I don't know, maybe one. Maybe more. I'm not going back to check. Too busy totally streaming all the time, more than once a month. Wait, shit.

Anyway, on topic, we did beat False Skies last month. It's not a 100% clear or anything, but I did do quite a lot of the available content in the game. There's still new game+ and maybe 20 more hours of game to play if I want to, but I'll leave that for my own private playing time that I totally do. Why? Because I streamed it for almost 44 hours. It's a good game, that's about all I'll say here. You can read my review on Steam (mark it as helpful!) or listen to the end of the last stream to get my thoughts a bit more directly. Make sure you check out the complete archive for the game if you haven't started watching it yet. It's good.

And wait, what's this? Baw gawd it's Deadpool with a metal chair because apparently I went back to it and finished it off! Enough wrestling talk. No one does that anymore. But yeah, the last time I streamed this game was back in 2016, the world was different back then. I still streamed vaguely regularly. That was the main difference. But then life happened, and all of a sudden I ended up with a Steam Deck this year so I installed Deadpool on that and slowly worked my way back to recreating my save file as exactly as possible over a couple of weeks since I don't have a lot of time, and then I streamed it and beat it in an hour and a half and here we are. It's a game that exists, that much is true. Fun enough for what it is with a decent amount of Deadpool antics. Too bad you can't buy it anymore. Here's my complete archive if you wanted to start from the beginning, and then here's just the last episode if you totally remember all of the streams from 2016 and just want to end the story.

The PeerTube archive transfer is also coming along. I made it back almost all the way through 2012, but it's going to be slow going because those early years are the most full of streams. Like Suikoden II which I just finished making available through PeerTube, with its near 46 hours of gameplay (even though it's missing a stream). It actually beats out False Skies for overall duration which is pretty impressive (for both of those games). But I'll keep plugging along here and soon the archive will be complete again. Then maybe I'll add call-ins. Maybe.

So there's your update for the month. I'm still here. Things are always happening, just not always super visible.

Thanks for sticking around!