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Ilum started working again, I guess?

We're going to try to finish the damn game tonight (somewhere in the next 30 minutes from this post probably), barring any further softlocks. I've got a good feeling about this.

Had to throw an audible for last night’s stream.

A first and potentially not a last, but we ended up in a softlock in Ilum. One of the quests can't be completed (not a skill issue, sadly), which means we can't hit the 100 mark that the game requires for us to finish it. So, we called off Ilum there for now while I contact the dev, and we started up Axe Cop which is just great. You should watch the first bit.

The PeerTube transfer’s still going well.

It's going to take a long while yet, but I've been getting a bunch more files transferred over and on there. At the moment, it's everything from July 2019 to present. Plus, been slightly working on a new embed that'll let me offer the PeerTube side stream on the site here as well. Always nice.

Latest News

New PeerTube version! (…so stuff will go wrong for a bit)

You may be wondering to yourself, "kuoushi, why do you need to make a full-blown news post for a new version of your self-hosted video archive stuff?" Well, let me tell you. The new version of PeerTube fixes an issue that we were apparently having with audio desync in basically every single video that I didn't notice because it only affected Chromium and Webkit browsers (which is the entire rest of the internet aside from Firefox users which explains how I didn't notice it earlier on). This is good news, right? It is.

The bad news, however, is that to fix it in all of my archives, I have to re-transcode every single video on my archive currently. That is going to take a while, and some archives will go up or down until that process completes. The positive, though, aside from everything being fixed, is that after that's all done, I'll go back to working on the archive and getting the rest of the missing streams off of YouTube and into there.

Basically, if you click an archive and it doesn't play, that's probably what's going on now.

Back on the topic of games, I've been slowly building out things on the site and deciding where things go. Things like The Bargain Bin stuff I've been working on. I've tossed all the complete archives for those streams into that category, and I'm also now including my Steam reviews of each game there. In the same vein, I've also resurrected the Steam Group's Curator page so that I can put all of this stuff in there too. Like and subscribe and all that other stuff people say. Honestly, it's just amusing for me to use all these things, even if no one pays much attention to them.

On the other good side of things, we've been finishing games! First up after we finished Gunman Chronicles, we moved on to a little free JRPG-inspired game by Scumhead known as Franzen. Longer than expected, and not without its rubbing points, but still a solid experience overall. You can read more from the review on the Complete Archive page, but I had fun per the usual.

We also (barely) finished playing through Ilum. It is an experience, I'll say that. Whether it's a good experience or not, well, that's up to you. Check the review out for that one on the Complete Archive page so you can see more about my thoughts on it. It's probably more fun to watch someone else suffer through, though. And, what an ending!

I guess I've also been making highlights again, but haven't decided how I want to include them on the site just yet. For now, they're only on Twitch.

But anyway, that's all I've got for today. We're currently going through Axe Cop, which is a lot of dumb fun so far. Tune in late nights on weekends to catch more of that, but we're likely in for a pretty long haul on that one. Maybe not as long as False Skies, but still a full-length JRPG kind of game.

Thanks for sticking around.