So, you may have noticed upon coming to the page today that I have gotten rid of all the blank space on the edges of the page. That also means that the video will kind of resize to the proper size and aspect ratio of your browser. So uh, that means the video and chat will be huge for those of you with 1080p monitors and the like. You can change the size of the video by either resizing your browser a little smaller and refreshing the page, or by using the pop out which will let you just resize that window to whatever size.

If you absolutely hate this, let me know.

If you absolutely love this, let me know.

Suggestions? Again, let me know. It doesn’t HAVE to stay like this, but I think it works out pretty well to be honest.

Also, it works nicely on smaller screens I think.

edited by kuoushi at 2011-07-31 04:25:41

Two new streamers, and a poll!

Give a warm welcome to Senors Chaosstrike and TPR. They will be streaming on channel one now with the rest of the cast. Chaosstrike will generally be streaming from 10-11pm EST and TPR will be in either the 8-9pm or 9-10pm slot depending on other streams and streamers.

They both bring great things to the table, like uh, streams. Same thing any of us have here. It works.

That being said, chaosstrike would like to know which game he should start playing with you guys. So, here’s a poll to vote on just that.

RSS? In MY vagina?

It’s more likely than you think.

For those of you who do anything on the internet and/or subscribe to feeds, you can now subscribe to!

If you can’t find the link that you’re supposed to subscribe to, this is it:

That should do it for you.

Now Kuoushi’s Terrible Stream Network can invade your feeds as well.

That is all.”