Dark Souls streams getting uploaded to YouTube!

Jesus, how long has it been since Kuoushi posted a news update on his own site? Quite a damn long time. But that’s okay, there hasn’t really been TOO much news aside from Wang’s video reviews and other reviews that he’s been posting. You should read those probably. He puts a lot of work into them.

That aside, our recent explorations into Dark Souls are being uploaded to YouTube and archived. As of this news post there will be 13 up, and the rest will go up in the next few days as well. I’m starting to get all of the older streams onto YouTube so we can have a functioning archive again. Hopefully the few of you who do watch recorded streams will be able to appreciate this.

Edit: And now, all of the archived recordings of Dark Souls have hit the YouTube archive and are available for viewing! You can watch them through the site here the same way you’ve always done so. Videos->Kuoushi->Pick Dark Souls from the dropdown list. Bighead recommends episode 9 I believe. That’s where he killed TPR a couple of times and we had a lot of jolly cooperation.