Steam Xmas sale is on! Have a list of cheap games

So as I’m sure you’re all aware, the Steam Christmas sale has begun. That means you should all prepare your wallets for a sound raping, as per the usual.

Being a cheap ass, I always look at games that are $2 and under. Also, since they’re already so cheap, there’s not much buyers remorse should they go on a daily deal. Not that they would.

Here are a few of my picks for good entertainment value to money ratios.

Dark Void Zero – $0.99

Old school sidescrolling game from Capcom that got scrapped a long time ago because the arcade box it was designed for got cancelled. They restored the game, added in various online features like Steam achievements and shit, and it’s supposedly still damn fun. Can’t go wrong with some oldschool Metroidvania for $1.

Cthulhu Saves the World – $1.02

I probably don’t have to talk too much about this one, as I’m sure you all remember when Mumblebee streamed it. It’s a solid, oldschool RPG with a much better difficulty curve, and some much needed improvements to the oldschool RPG systems. Also, it’s damn funny. And it comes with Breath of Death VIII, a whole other game made by the same developers. Two games for about $1. Yeah, if you don’t have this yet, you better get it.

VVVVVV – $1.24

I drunk streamed this shit once, and I know some other people here have played it as well. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a 2D platformer where the main game mechanic is that you can switch gravity instead of jumping. This leads to some great puzzle and action platforming. It also has a good soundtrack.

Time Gentlemen, Please! – $1.24

If you enjoy older point-and-click adventure games, you should probably pick this up. It comes with two games, kind of like Cthulhu Saves the World, and it has some really great writing. Definitely a game to pick up if adventure games are your thing.

Flight Control HD – $1.24

This one I’m just putting in there because I have a good time landing planes, but I can see how some people might not enjoy it. It’s a really well put together little game that was originally for mobile phones with touch screens, but the gameplay is still just as fun here on the PC. If you just want to sit down and play a few rounds of pointing planes at landing strips, then by all means pick this up.

Delve Deeper – $1.24

Let me tell you something about Dwarves. They’re pretty sweet. This game has them, and they run around mining shit. It’s a pretty fun little turn-based game where you try to outmine the other players and get the most treasure before time runs out. There’s no storyline or real “”singleplayer”” mode, it’s basically just you against the CPU or other players. It says there’s multiplayer, but there’s only hotseat multiplayer. Not that that is a bad thing. It’s a pretty fun little game, and good for just playing a round or two here and there.

Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 – $1.24

There’s not much for me to say about this one. This is the best Aliens versus Predator game that I’ve ever played. Fond memories of this one. Play the Marine campaign and get that heart beating. Also, the studio brought it up to date and you can play it online still, which is not surprisingly fun. If you’ve never played it, now would be a good time to pick it up and give it a run through.

eversion – $1.25

This game was might still be free online, but it’s basically just a creepy little platformer where you can go between two separate versions of a stage to solve puzzles and find things. It has a neat little story, and can be kind of creepy if you’re playing it alone at night. I believe this version has better graphics than the free one, but hey, $1.25 isn’t too much and you get it on Steam. Yes, a game on Steam. WORTH IT? I think so.

Arcadia – $1.70

Like Geometry Wars but annoyed that it never got updated or anything like that? Well, Arcadia is basically what you want. It has gotten some extra little things here and there added, like most recently some new music tracks and stuff like that. Give it a try! If you don’t know what Geometry Wars is, this game is kind of like that old school game Asteroids where you control a ship that flies around shooting things that are trying to attack it. All in all, not too bad.

Majesty: Gold Edition – $1.99

Majesty is kind of a neat little game. You run a kingdom, and you must defend it against your enemies. It’s not like a normal RTS in that you directly control your heroes to attack the enemy, you have to act more like a questgiver in an RPG and set bounties on certain locations or items. Say you have a dragon attacking your town. You can set a 1000 gold bounty on that dragon’s head and that will attract the attention of the heroes in your kingdom. They will then go and lemming their fragile bodies at the dragon. It’s a pretty fun and addictive little game. Majesty 2 is also on sale $2.49, but from what I remember it lacks the cool randomly generated map/skirmish kind of mode that Majesty 1 has. Still, both games are good.

And that’s all I’ve got for you, though I might have missed some games that I don’t know anything about. I could go through some of the other games in the $2-$5 range if people are interested, or maybe talk about the games that are on sale should anyone want to know anything about them. Hopefully you all survive this Steam sale with a few bucks in your wallet. But really, you should spend those few bucks on some of the little games I’ve listed here.”