Terraria server is back up!

As I’m sure you are all aware, I have been sucked back into Terraria with the latest patch. It’s a great game, and it now has so much shit to do it’s not even funny.

Well, sometimes it’s funny. There’s that time I had just started a new character in a new world. I didn’t know anything about the new patch, and I saw this sort of circular patch of stone in the middle of some stone underground. Not knowing much, I dug down towards it, opened a little hole next to it and tried to mine it. It sat there for a few seconds, then rolled to the left and flattened me. It was a boulder. My first death in Terraria 1.1, and it’s a boulder trap that I didn’t even trigger with the pressure plate.

Anyway, TPR has reinstated our Terraria server, so come join us while we blow shit up. Or we could cooperatively build a giant phallic-shaped hotel like adults. You know, whatever.

Port: 7777