That Which Gave Chase

What is it that gives chase? Is it the snow? The dogs? Perhaps it is the local fauna? Or maybe it is man? Or, and go with me here, maybe it’s our memories that chase us. Memories about Ice Tea in his wonderful 90s film, Surviving the Game. We may never know. But hey, this game was pretty fun.

That Which Gave Chase is a short, narrative adventure game where you play the role of a dog sledder in a relentless winter landscape. The game takes itself seriously and offers a lot to chew on in about an hour to two hour long experience. You drive around the snows with your dogs and passenger, trying to figure out where you’re being led.

The graphics are good enough to support the visual style, and the story is intriguing enough. I liked the sound design quite a bit, and the gameplay itself, though simple, as still pretty fun even if I found myself falling over more than I should. There was only one real part of the game that I didn’t manage to beat, but the game does offer you the option to skip it. Apparently they realized the stampede part was too tough.

All in all, a nice experience, and well worth the price.

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