Robocraft, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, Ragnarekkr (Drunk)

Gotta get these dick bots going around and out there with the public at large. Pretty much every bot we made for this here Robocraft stream is dick-shaped, so it’s basically par for the course. Too bad the game is surprisingly full of try-hards with well designed ships that can destroy anything. Since that goes well, we move on to Left 4 Vermintide, which is fun. At the end, kuoushi shows off a PC-98 game that’s pretty cool called Ragnarekkr. It’s cool. Please, trust me. Oh, and mostly just ignore most of what I say about the PC-98’s history. It’s not super accurate. Some of it’s right, some of it’s not.

I gotta put that rail gun not on my dick because my dick keeps getting blown off.

~ Jof

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