False Skies (Complete Archive)

This is a complete playlist of every time kuoushi played False Skies, but available in a playlist format. Enjoy just letting the whole series run without having to click anything! Hours of kuoushi, direct to your brain.

Going to preface this review by saying that other people have already covered a ton of the positive points of this game, so this review might be simply adding to the pile. Nevertheless, still worth it to add another positive voice.

False Skies is, as the trailers and screenshots show, a game that draws its inspiration from retro JRPGs of a while back. So if you’re looking for a new game in that vein, False Skies likely won’t disappoint. The aesthetic is strong and consistent throughout the entire game, and the monster designs are all very fun. Plus there are some nice little moments included purely for visual atmosphere. If you’re in for the AESTHETIC, then you’re in for a good time.

RPG systems in the game are solid and fun to interact with. There’s no real crafting or anything like that, but there is a lot of depth in the class systems, available such as how you grow your characters. You have several tiers of jobs that you level up to learn the skills in those jobs, and it’s generally up to you when you want to upgrade that character into the next tier. There’s no going back to learn missed skills so you’ll generally want to plan out how you grow your dudes. Classes are also things you have to find in the world, which can mean if you’re looking for a certain path you’ll need to go find that class data before you upgrade a character into that.

Status effects in battle are actually a legitimate thing you need to pay attention to. Attack power buffs stack, debuffs stack, POISON stacks, and it all makes a difference in how you battle. There are multiple different kinds of counters as well that monsters can have. This means random encounters (which you’ll know are coming by the gauge on the bottom of the screen filling up) can be dangerous and you’ll generally be forced to pay attention to them instead of just spamming attack. Items can also be pretty useful things that you’ll need to use or stock up on depending on how you build your party.

Dungeons are the only place where the game kind of stumbles, and that can generally be remedied by simply paying attention to your surroundings a lot of the time. Some of them feel like mazes but you can get through them with a bit of work. Some are pretty long, and you’ll probably want to have a character with a job that can help you discover save points in some places.

CONTENT. Content. CONtent. This game has a ridiculous amount of content. Like, there is so much. I have 46 hours of gameplay here as I review this. I have beaten the game. There is probably another 20-40? hours to really 100% and beat this game into the ground. Just looking at my achievements and how few people have gotten the ones that I did, I know I’ve done a lot of the content, but even still, there is more. If you gel with the game, you’re going to have a lot to do that’s all pretty fun.

The story, for instance, is there and is honestly pretty well-written. Surprises are there, and there’s a lot of (optional) lore dumps that you can read through for more information and world-building. The funny moments tend to land as funny, and while I can’t personally take anything serious, there are serious moments that you’ll find that are also well done. I won’t go on too much about the story, but it is solid.

I’ve written a lot here, but if you’ve read all of this, then chances are you already know whether or not you’re going to have a good time with the game. High recommend for people who like retro JRPGs.

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