Forums now active

They may not look too amazing, but they work. You can register a username and password to reserve your name so that no one else can use it, post threads and reply to other threads. It's pretty barebones at the moment, but it all works on the main page without any page refreshes. Kind of neat, huh? Also, suggesting a game is back. Go to the General forum and suggest things in the thread for it there.

Things to look out for. If you don't register an e-mail with your account, I CANNOT get your password back for you. There is currently no way to reset your password automatically or anything like that. I highly recommend that you register an e-mail with your account because of this.

Not sure what else there is to say, but that should be all for now. Please don't abuse them too much. They're still a work in progress, but I think they're doing okay for now.

Oh, and you have to be logged in to create a thread, but you don't have to be logged in to post replies.

Kuoushi News

So, I have decided to code an AJAX-based news and forum into the site. This doesn't mean much for you guys except that I will now be able to post site news with more content than a single sentence. You know, like I've been doing with Twitter. That isn't to say that I won't still be updating Twitter, but we're just now going to have more to say.

We have a lot to say.

Not really.

Also with this site update, we're one step closer to having a forum system in place. I'll be trying to make the forum act almost exactly like the news here, and let you guys create usernames/passwords to login with. For now though, feel free to use whatever username you want. Even blank and let it be Anonymous.

As usual, everything should run AJAX-styled, which means no page refreshing or browsing away from the stream page. Let me know if any links are broken, don't work, or you get error messages. Shit like that.

Otherwise, enjoy.