Streamers should be able to add streams to the DB

If you’re a streamer, you can now add streams and shit to the database through the Videos section. Simply go to Videos->Your Name->Normalor whatever-> and you should see a new link that says Add Game. This link will allow you to add a new game to your list of games. If you want to add a stream to a game that’s already in your list, click the game in the list, then you will see another new link called “Add Stream”. Simply click that, and enter the date and if you have one Viddler ID to the video.

Important notice, if your date is NOT formatted YYYY-MM-DD exactly, it won’t be accepted. So remember those leading zeroes, like 2011-05-05 would work, but 2011-5-5 wouldn’t.

For now you can’t edit an existing entry, but I will most likely add that functionality later. Post here if you have any questions about this.