Wild ARMs challenge!

You have been challenged to design some icons and windows for Kuoushi’s Wild ARMs stream. Since we found out that you can change practically any icon in the game, as well as the window and window borders, I want to play the rest of Wild ARMs with some customized icons.

Now, this does not mean you have to do EVERY SINGLE ICON. If you feel like doing one icon, go ahead. They are 16×16 with 15 colors though there are 3 reserved brown colors for the icon frame. Design whatever you want while keeping the icon frame in mind, post an image link in this thread, and you could see it in game the next stream!

To help you, I have taken the liberty of making an image that contains all of the current icons and their purposes:

Unfortunately since I’m poor I have no real rewards to give out other than maybe 1 copy of Nuclear Dawn and 1 copy of Shadowgrounds. I’ll give them to the two people whose icons I like the best. Participation prize will be seeing your icon in game, basically.

Bonus points if you can design a fun window set for the game too:

Go wild!”