Suikoden 2, done and done.

So we finally beat Suikoden 2, that means we have to pick what game to play next! Exciting news for all of us, I’m sure. I’ve got 4 games up on the poll, all are from the Playstation. Tomb Raider 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics I’m sure most of you know of, the other two choices need a little bit of introduction so I’ll link some Youtube videos here for you guys to check out.

Wild Arms:

So, vote up. This poll is only open for a day!

Edit: Also! Another series that I translated just had its first chapter released. It’s called Terra for Mars. All science fiction and shit. You got your standard thing where the world is running out of resources, so Earth tries to properly terraform Mars to relieve some of the stress on Earth. Something goes wrong during the terraforming process, though…

Really don’t want to spoil too much, because it’s pretty fucking great. Scanlated by Utopia, and readable here.”