Kuoushi translates things

So as some of you are aware, I am a translator. Japanese to English and all that weeaboo stuff. I recently jumped into the world of scanlation again after a pretty long break and some of the projects I’ve been doing are starting to see the light of day. First of those being a little series called Wolfsmund, scanlated by Kotonoha.

Wolfsmund is about the St. Gotthard Pass which is an actual place, and is set in medieval times. Lots of unrest, secrecy, tyranny, you get the idea. It’s a pretty gritty story, and the author used to be an assistant to Kentaro Miura. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe the title Berserk does?

In any case, I am translating chapter 5 and onwards, so that means you’ve got some reading to be done if you’re interestd. It’s definitely worth a read, with hopefully many more chapters to come. Slight warning, it’s most definitely not safe for work.

Wolfsmund Online Reader