Merry Christmas! Fixed some bugs in the forums

Hope everyone had a good Christmas yesterday. The stream was pretty fun, and I think we ended up giving away 25 games and packages. Not bad for our little stream. Hope everyone ended up with something they like.

Anyway, had a chance to look through some of my forum code and fixed posting threads up a bit. For some reason people who weren’t me hence why I didn’t notice and no one ever reported it couldn’t post new threads. Also some of the poll related stuff was broken in Firefox. That should all be fixed, so post away!

If you feel like posting, anyway.

Edit: Oh, and I also just added something you might have noticed at the top there. It’s kind of like a stream ticker. It will show you what’s coming up in the next 3 hours, without having to click the schedule! It also auto-updates every 2 minutes, so you if you’re sitting on the site you’ll be kept up to date and everything.